MOMOLAND’s Nancy Shares The Story Of How She Badly Messed Up While Cooking For Jane

“Oh my god, you were trying to eat this?!”

MOMOLAND voted for their worst cook, and the answer was unanimous- it’s the maknae, Nancy!

On the latest episode of Eric Nam‘s K-Pop Daebak Show podcast, MOMOLAND’s Ahin, Nancy, and Hyebin appeared as guests, where they talked about tons of interesting topics!

One of the segments of the show was a game called “Who is most likely to…?”, where the members present would vote on which member seemed perfect for the question!

After a few rounds of the game, one of the questions asked was,

Who’s the worst cook?

—Eric Nam

And all answers pointed to Nancy- Nancy’s included!

Nancy then revealed how she’s so bad at cooking, she even messes up ramen!

I don’t even know how to cook ramen. I even make it puffed up. I’m not a good cook.


Shen then proceeded to share a story of how she fed fellow member Jane salty, salty pasta!

The last time I made pasta for one of our members.. When I just moved, because I was like, “Oh, I have a new house. I have a new kitchen. I’ll make you pasta”, and I made it so so so salty. She couldn’t eat it. She said she tried to but she was like… She was really nice about it but she was like, she tried to eat it, but then she said, “I’m so sorry but I can’t eat it.”

So I tried it and I was like “Oh my god, you were trying to eat this?! This was so salty!” It was just salt.


She then hilariously added,

My parents are good cooks. But I do not have their genes.


Watch the hilarious moment here from the 2:42 mark onwards!