MOMOLAND Nancy’s Personal Instagram Account Hacked And Deleted, MLD Entertainment To Take Strict Legal Action

They promise strong legal action to protect their artist.

MOMOLAND‘s Nancy‘s personal Instagram account has been hacked into and deleted.

On October 24, MLD Entertainment released a statement regarding their intent to take legal action against the hacker. They also spoke up on how the hacker had caused secondary damage by impersonating Nancy as well.

Hello, this is MLD Entertainment.

This is an official statement regarding the hacking of Nancy’s personal Instagram account.

Nancy’s personal Instagram account was hacked into and then forcibly deleted. The hacker has also made an account with a similar ID, causing further damage by stealing Nancy’s identity.


They then revealed that they had enlisted the help of the Cyber Crime Investigation Unit to catch the criminal, and also asked Instagram’s headquarters to help recover Nancy’s account.


In response to this, we appealed to the Cyber Crime Investigation Unit for assistance in investigations, and requested Instagram’s headquarters to recover the account and to take necessary action against the damages suffered by our artist due to the hacking.

Once again, we plan to take strong legal action for the damages caused by this hacking incident.

Thank you.


Nancy then took to Twitter to explain the situation from her side as well.


Nancy had joined Instagram on October 22, along with fellow member Nayun.