MOMOLAND’s Nayun To Star In Upcoming High-Tech Crime Web Drama “The Police”

Nayun will be showcasing her amazing acting skills once again!

MOMOLAND‘s Nayun will be taking down cybercriminals in an upcoming web drama from the National Police Agency.

On July 8, MLD Entertainment announced that Nayun would be taking part in the upcoming drama The Police. The agency stated, “Nayun has been selected as the main character of the National Police Agency’s web drama ‘The Police’ and is in the middle of filming.

| @MMLD_Official/Twitter

The new drama will focus on the personal growth of a cyber investigation team as they engage in battle with high-tech criminals. In the drama, Nayun will be playing the role of Seo Ah Jin, a student who is perfect in everything from her appearance to studying. And with her intelligence and natural sense of justice, Seo Ah Jin is a key helper in the cybercrime unit.

Nayun previously starred as the female lead in the original web drama Anniversary Anyway and with the announcement of her new role in The Police, fans can’t wait to see her acting talents shine once more!

The Police is set to broadcast through the National Police Agency’s YouTube channel in the second half of the year.

Source: Star Today