MOMOLAND Will Donate All Proceeds From Their Showcase To Charity

They will also be matching all proceeds with their own money!

MLD Entertainment (formerly Dublekick Entertainment) has recently confirmed that MOMOLAND will be donating all proceeds from their upcoming showcase to charity!


In light of their comeback, MOMOLAND will be holding a showcase called “2018 MOMOLAND Comeback Show-Con” on June 26. Not only will they reveal their new music along with a music video, but various events are scheduled for fans to enjoy.


Tickets to the showcase will be sold for 5,000 KRW (approx. $4.67 USD), and MOMOLAND will donate an additional 5,000 KRW for a total of 10,000 KRW (approx. $9.34 USD) per person in attendance.

All proceeds will be donated to the medical treatment of children who are injured in car accidents.


A representative from MLD Entertainment stated that the donation will be made because MOMOLAND wants to pay back some of the love that they receive from their fans.

“As much as MOMOLAND has grown because of the love and support of their fans, they wanted a time to repay the love by giving back to society through their comeback showcase.” — Agency Representative


The girls of MOMOLAND are truly as generous as they are beautiful.

Source: Newsen and Xports News