MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo Reveals The Hardest Part About Being In A K-Pop Girl Group

She finds this the most difficult.

Yeonwoo is a star on the rise as she’s a member of MOMOLAND, one of the most popular girl groups in the K-Pop industry today! Recently, she sat down for an interview where she confessed the hardest part about being a celebrity.


She revealed that the hardest aspect of her career is being trapped in a stereotype that’s conjured by her happy and bright image. She finds it hard to truly express her other emotions.

I’m sure this applies to all other careers but I’m trapped in boundaries set by other people. There are stereotypes to my image and I find it difficult. I’m having a hard time because people with funny and bright images aren’t allowed to be caught looking sad.

It’s difficult for me but I’m sure this applies to all other jobs so I try to manage it as a sense of responsibility.

— Yeonwoo


Although she faces difficulties in her career, she doesn’t mind so much because she has the happiest aspect in her career – her fans! The overwhelming love she receives from her fans energizes her to do the best that she can as a K-Pop idol.

The good part is that I’m loved by a lot more people than I’d expected. People don’t know that there are people who love them but I can see that fact for sure through my fans.

I knew I was loved by my fans but I didn’t realize just how much. If I had chosen another job, I may not have realized this but I’m able to feel that I’m loved by a large community.

— Yeonwoo


As Yeonwoo’s popularity continues to grow, she’ll most likely face more challenging aspects to her career. But she won’t have to worry because her fans will be there to support her all the way through!

Source: BNT


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