MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo Reveals The Secrets To Maintaining Her Perfect Skin And Body Figure

Here’s how Yeonwoo always looks perfect!

MOMOLAND‘s Yeonwoo is famous for her perfect skin and gorgeous body line. As everyone is dying to know what it takes to look like Yeonwoo, she opened up about her own methods in a recent interview!


Much to the surprise of many, Yeonwoo revealed that she doesn’t have any particular secret in caring for her skin or body. Basically, she was just born with it!

I don’t take special care of my skin or body. I see a lot of these articles online, like ‘Girl Group Self Care’, but I don’t do anything special besides go on a diet before a comeback.

I’m sure there are other people who are different from me, but I don’t think a lot of people have special secrets to skincare and body figures.

— Yeonwoo


Yeonwoo did confess that there was a time when she weighed more than she would have liked in the past. She went on drastic diets that helped her lose weight but she refuses to go on those diets anymore! But even though she doesn’t go on particular diets these days, she says she naturally loses weight thanks to her busy schedules.


Basically, the key is to eat however much you want but keep your body moving!

We actually eat a lot. When I was in school, I was really fat. I was smaller in height but weighed about 10kg more. But I went on an extreme diet and it was difficult for me.

I don’t do any particular diets right now. I eat a lot these days but the weather is getting so hot that if I go perform once, I’m sweating a lot. Although it may not be much exercise, the amount of energy spent is a lot so I don’t get fat as much as I eat. But I’m sure I’ll have to start soon.

— Yeonwoo


She also commented on her past interview where she claimed that her favorite part about herself was her complete visuals! She revealed that she honestly doesn’t think that as true but she reminds herself anyways to keep her confidence up!

It’s honestly not true, but I say that in order to gain confidence in myself. A lot of people thought I was conceited when I said that. But I feel I become happier just by saying something like that about myself.

— Yeonwoo


So basically, in order to look like Yeonwoo, you just gotta be active and learn to love yourself no matter what other people say! But let’s be honest, she does have a little leg up thanks to her naturally stunning genes!

Source: BNT