Momoland’s JooE Admits She Had Plastic Surgery

“If I pick my nose, I’m also picking my ear!” — JooE

On the latest episode of Knowing Bros, MOMOLAND‘s JooE revealed how she relieves stress — except, it ended up a confession about her nose job!


JooE shared that getting new ear piercings helped lower her stress level.

“I have five on my right side and eight on my left.” — JooE


When the host Heechul asked to see them, JooE showed her left ear with 8 piercing spots.


JooE added her right ear used to look great with the 5 piercings…

“I actually really liked how my right ear looked, but…” — JooE


… until she had to give up the cartilage in her ear for something else!

“I no longer have cartilage there, so…” — JooE


Heechul asked where her cartilage went and JooE casually answered it is now a part of her nose!

“It went on an adventure to my nose!” — JooE


As the secret got out, JooE poked fun at herself.

“So if I pick my nose, I’m also picking my ear!” — JooE


Some viewers were shocked to find out, but most found her positive energy about the whole situation to be inspiring.

  • “I love how JooE is always happy and bright, no matter where she is. That’s also an important part of being an entertainer! I support her.”
  • “LOL. She’s so honest.”
  • “Well, it looks super natural. That’s a blessing!”
  • “I’m not really into K-Pop idols, but I find her really cute!”
  • “How cute, JooE! I used to think she’s so extra, with all the dancing, but now I think she’s adorable.”


Watch the clip here:

Source: Newsen