MOMOLAND’s Nancy Didn’t Smile While Looking At BLACKPINK, Upsets Fans

Nancy has been criticized for not showing BLACKPINK respect.

Netizens are criticizing MOMOLAND‘s Nancy after fan cams captured her “glaring” at BLACKPINK on stage.


In this video, Nancy listens to BLACKPINK’s Music Core acceptance speech with a frown and a blank stare.


As a result, many netizens now believe Nancy was showing her publicly showing her dislike for and jealousy of BLACKPINK.


Other netizens have come to her defence by arguing that she didn’t purposely give BLACKPINK dirty looks: she just suffers from RBF.


Nancy’s fans believe that she was just plain tired after working tirelessly on promotions.


Although Nancy’s expression was stony…


…fans have pointed out that she did smile in the end.


Even so, some BLINKs aren’t convinced.


They have pointed out that Nancy showed attitude by rolling her eyes while Lisa was speaking.


In addition to this incident, some netizens have begun to criticize Nancy in other ways. Nancy has been called a “Trump supporter”, due to her parents’ alleged political leanings, and has come under fire for controversial things she said in the past.


Even though things between BLINKs and Merry-G0-Rounds are tense right now, many hope there will soon be peace between the fandoms.


To see the full clip of Nancy’s reaction, check out the video here.