Momoland’s New Song And Music Video Supposedly Leaked Ahead of Comeback

MLD Entertainment issued an official statement regarding the issue.

MOMOLAND’s title song “BAAM” from their new mini album “Fun to the World” was suspected to have been leaked before their comeback due to numerous videos floating around the internet.

Numerous videos of “BAAM”, as well as even cover dances of the song by fans, have already been uploaded before its official release.


After being notified of the situation, MLD Entertainment made their official statement regarding the subject.

MLD Entertainment clarified that MOMOLAND’s title song “BAAM” has not been leaked. It all began when a fan uploaded a video dancing to the music of “BAAM”. The music was not leaked, but a part of the music video was shown at the end of a variety program and seemingly, it was this clip that was circulating the internet. The clip was apparently a part of the company’s plans for promoting MOMOLAND’s new album before their comeback and looking at the amount of attention it has gotten so far, the company is taking it as a positive reaction.


MLD Entertainment’s official statement:

“Hello. This is MOMOLAND’s agency, MLD Entertainment.
We are writing this statement to clarify the suspicions of the leak of MOMOLAND’s new title song ‘BAAM’.
After looking into the situation, it has been revealed that a portion of the music video, which was revealed at the ending of a variety show program, was used and the song was not leaked.
The edited portion of the music video shown on the variety show program was a part of our company’s promotions prior to the release of the album. As a result, it is not an illegal leak of the song.
We thank you deeply for your interest and love.”


Take a first look at the music video:


Meanwhile, MOMOLAND is scheduled to make a comeback with their 4th mini album “Fun to the World” through their showcase today (June 26th) so stay tuned!

Source: Sports Donga