Monbebe Are Freaking Out Over MONSTA X’s Sold Out Lightstick

Monbebe’s support is no joke.

Starship Entertainment recently released merch for MONSTA X’s upcoming concert in Seoul. Version 2 of MONSTA X’s official lightstick gained the most attention from fans, along with a power bank.

Fans were awed by its elegant design and enjoyed the thought behind the extra power source. They’d even praised the fact that the center of the lightstick remained the same despite a change in logo.

Monbebe had enjoyed it so much that they sold out all the pre-orders for the lightstick and showed their enthusiasm through sarcasm. One fan was so proud that they had to repeat the phrase “sold out” because they were so proud of MONSTA X’s success.

Another Monbebe made light of their dedication in purchasing the lightstick. As long as it meant supporting the boys, purchasing both versions was no problem at all.

The lightstick comes just in time for MONSTA X’s kick off of their 2019 World Tour “We Are Here” starting in Seoul. With a response as big as this, there’s no doubt they’ll be prepared for the onslaught of orders when they officially go on sale. Good luck to everyone purchasing one.