MONBEBE Furious, Describe 2019 MDL Beast Festival As A “Mass Sexual Assault Festival”

They’re rightfully angry.

MONBEBE around the world are furious after female attendees at the 2019 MDL Beast Festival were constantly sexually assaulted and groped while attempting to watch their favorite artists perform. MONSTA X performed at the festival on December 21, with great fanfare.

One American who attended the festival simply described it as “ridiculous”.

I hated the crowd.

The level of sexual harassment at the concert was just ridiculous, like so ridiculous.

There’s no reason why I’m doing the simple two step, nothing seductive, just dancing cuz there’s music playing and that’s what you do at a concert and I can’t dance without someone interrupting or like trying to come up all on me if I’m standing somewhere, or any female at that matter, just standing around, people walk by trying to grope you up and feel on your body, that’s ridiculous.

I saw girls with abayas and hjiabs being groped, what are you doing?

I know so many girls who either stop going to concerts or no longer going to concerts because they don’t want to deal with it anymore.

— justdenean


According to fan reports, many of the female attendees were either minors, or recently turned legal age in Saudi Arabia.


After hearing about what happened at the event, MONBEBE around the world are sending their support to those affected at the event.