MONBEBEs Are Furious At Japanese Bystanders Calling MONSTA X Jooheon a Racial Slur For Koreans

MONBEBEs heard them in the background.

MONSTA X is currently in Japan for their promotions, and member Jooheon has decided to show fans what he was doing while abroad. He posted a short video of him eating ramen. Meant to be a happy time for MONBEBEs and Jooheon, it turned south as a group of Japanese men can be heard in the background.

They recognized Jooheon, and it can be heard that they say “MONSTA X” in the background. They then call him a “josen-jin”.

“Josen-jin” is a derogatory term the Japanese use when referencing Koreans. They can be heard laughing about it in the background.

Jooheon seems to ignore the bystanders and continues to eat his ramen.

Fans are understandably upset that they called Jooheon this racial slur. Japanese fans have also defended Jooheon, saying that they are disappointed that the slur is still being used at all.

Some people have defended the bystanders, however. They claimed that they are actually talking about North Korea and Kim Jong Un and how he looks like a Japanese actress. Even so, people are still upset that the term was used.

Jooheon has since deleted the video, but it can still be found online.


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