What The “Money Heist: Korea” Cast Really Think Of Each Other

They clearly developed a close bond!

The K-Drama Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area recently started airing on Netflix.

The K-Drama is the continuation of a Spanish crime drama television series, Money Heist (La Casa De Papel). In the original show, a mysterious man known only as the “Professor” recruits a group of eight people for a daring mission to steal money from the Royal Mint of Spain.

Money Heist (La Casa De Papel) | Netflix

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area takes place in the same fictional universe as the original with the same basic premise of the “Professor” establishing a group of people to plan and execute a heist.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area | Netflix

Several members of the star-studded cast recently sat down for an interview with The Swoon‘s YouTube channel, revealing what they actually think about their co-workers.

Yoo Ji Tae as the “Professor”

Yoo Ji Tae as the Professor | Netflix

Yoo Ji Tae is best known for acting in films like One Fine Spring Day and Oldboy. He’s also starred in K-Dramas like When My Love Blooms and Healer.

Kim Ji Hoon selected Yoo Ji Tae as the cast member who most resembled their character.

Kim Ji Hoon: The Professor likes to explain things and so does Ji Tae. In a nice way. He’s very considerate. He gives explanations in detail. And he’s serious.

Jeon Jong Seo also agreed that Yoo Ji Tae is “very considerate” as she chose him as the cast member she’s most grateful for.

Jeon Jong Seo: Because they were all big seniors, it could’ve been tough, but he adjusted to me. I’m thankful for that.

Kim Yoon Jin as Seon Woo Jin

Kim Yoon Jin as Seon Woo Jin | Netflix

Kim Yoon Jin is a Korean-American actress who starred in the television shows Lost and Mistresses. She has also appeared in movies like Shiri, Ardor, and Ode to My Father.

Lee Hyun Woo selected Kim Yoon Jin as the cast member who was the most soft-hearted.

Lee Hyun Woo: We only had a few scenes together, but every time we met, she was like an angel. She’s definitely charismatic. But maybe because I’m kind of young, she kept baby-talking me.

But meanwhile, Park Hae Soo believed that Kim Yoon Jin was the one who would be most challenging to negotiate with.

Park Hae Soo: When I read the script I expected her to be thorough. Unless you have a firm strategy like Ji Tae, who plays the Professor, she’ll be hard to negotiate with.

Park Hae Soo as Berlin

Park Hae Soo as Berlin | Netflix

Park Hae Soo has starred in the films Time to Hunt and Yaksha: Ruthless Operations. He is perhaps most known for his role as Cho Sang Woo in Squid Game.

Park Hae Soo was voted the cast member with the most unexpected charm.

Yoo Ji Tae: He’s the actor of the world famous Squid Game. How can a world famous star be so humble? He’s very witty and he gets in the spirit of things.

Jeon Jong Seo: I’ve seen Park Hae Soo on TV and in movies. He’s actually a prankster.

Kim Ji Hoon also selected Park Hae Soo as the cast member he most wanted to give compliments to.

Kim Ji Hoon: I have nothing but compliments for him. His acting is admirable. He also starred in the worldwide hit title, Squid Game. He’s an amazing actor, but he never sees it that way. Even to a humble guy like me, he always says he learned a lot. But I never taught him anything. It’s fun to act with him.

Jeon Jong Seo as Tokyo

Jeon Jong Seo as Tokyo | Netflix

Jeon Jong Seo has starred in films like Burning and The Call.

Her co-stars voted her as the cast member who gave the strongest first impression.

Yoo Ji Tae: It’s [Jeon Jong Seo] for sure.

Kim Ji Hoon: She makes people curious about her. As I got to know her more, I realized she lives in her own world. But that’s what makes her more appealing.

Park Hae Seo: She left a very strong first impression on me. But when we got to the end, she was very lovely.

Her co-stars also voted her as the bravest cast member.

Yoo Ji Tae: When she’s acting, she doesn’t stick to the rules. She likes to improvise. Like how you need two stimulations to generate sparks. Unless you’re brave, you can’t do it. She’s good.

Kim Ji Hoon as Denver

Kim Ji Hoon as Denver | Netflix

Kim Ji Hoon gained a lot of attention for his starring role in the K-Drama Flower of Evil.

Jeon Jong Seo selected Kim Ji Hoon as the cast member who would look himself up online the most.

Jeon Jong Seo: Ji Hoon is like a princess. He looks in the mirror often. I think he’s someone who’d care the most about his apperance.

Park Hae Soo selected Kim Ji Hoon as one of the cast members he was most grateful for.

Park Hae Soo: Though Ji Hoon’s my age, I had a lot to learn from him. It was nice of him.

Lee Hyun Woo as Rio

Lee Hyun Woo as Rio | Netflix

Lee Hyun Woo has acted in the films The Con Artists and Secretly Greatly. He has also starred in K-Dramas like The Liar and His Lover.

Kim Yoon Jin believed that Lee Hyun Woo would be the cast member easiest to negotiate with.

Kim Yoon Jin: His kindness is written all over his face. All over his body.

Jeon Jong Seo selected Lee Hyun Woo as one of the cast members for whom she had the most compliments.

Jeon Jong Seo: [Lee Hyun Woo] makes me want to compliment him.

You can watch the full video here.

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