MONSTA X Turn Actors Into Fans With Their Blue Dragon Film Awards Performance

MONSTA X can impress just about anybody.

On February 9, MONSTA X performed their latest title track, “Love Killa,” at the 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards. It’s obvious that they amazed Monbebes with their skillful performance and diamond-lined suits, but fans weren’t the only ones captivated—many actors in the audience were, too!

MONSTA X at the Blue Dragon Film Awards. | @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

As they performed, many actors and actresses could be seen admiring them. The loving expression on actress Shin Hye Sun‘s face as she watched them perform is a look all Monbebes can relate to!

Shin Hye Sun watching MONSTA X. | SBS

Actor Yoo Ah In was even spotted recording their performance on his phone! Hopefully he looks back at the videos fondly.

| Sports Chosun

After their performance, MC Yoo Yeon Seok commented on how cool the choreography was and imitated their iconic opening move.


Needless to say, Monbebes were thrilled to see their favorite group being admired by so many others. These reactions show that MONSTA X’s talent can woo just about anybody!

The iconic opening move. | SBS
Source: Sports Chosun


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