MONSTA X Just Broke This Record With “Rush Hour” And Here’s How Fans Reacted

The first win of the “Rush Hour” comeback has set a new K-Pop record.

Fans have a lot to celebrate as MONSTA X has just broken a record for fastest win on a music show with their new comeback, “Rush Hour.”

MONSTA X wins at The Show | @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

With only one day of tracking after the release of “Rush Hour,” MONSTA X scored first place in The Show and became the fastest artist to win an award after the release of their song. What makes this particularly special is that “Rush Hour” was produced by member Joohoney, who also produced and arranged their previous comeback title track, “Gambler,” but was unable to win any awards for it. This makes “Rush Hour” a personal achievement for Joohoney, and a very well-deserved one at that. He’s made everyone so proud!

Of course, MONBEBES also have a lot to be proud of for getting their group there. Most of them have been celebrating together online while other fans simply still can’t believe it. Here are some of their relatable reactions.

1. *Faints*

2. Reminiscing

3. Wholesome Joohoney

4. Just getting started…

This is a great start to their comeback, so hopefully MONSTA X continues to do well with “Rush Hour.” Either way, this incredibly fast win is already a great success, and fans (and leader Shownu, we’re sure) are already very proud. Congratulations, MONSTA X!

Source: Twitter