MONSTA X Changes Their Official Group Logo And Introduces New MONBEBE Logo

The fans have a lot to say about it!

Ever since MONSTA X debuted back in 2015, they’ve promoted under their original logo featuring an intricate M and X.


After 4 years, they’ve decided to vamp up their logo by creating a brand new design! Their new official logo is simpler with two lines and an X in the middle, creating the illusion of an M.


They’ve also created a brand new logo just for their fans, MONBEBEs! The fan logo has the X in the middle switched to a B.


Many MONBEBEs are more than ecstatic about the new change.


While others are split about how they feel about the old vs new. They may prefer the old one but it won’t change their devotion to the group!

Meanwhile, everyone should check out MONSTA X’s latest collab with Steve Aoki, “Play it Cool”!