MONSTA X Had The MOST Chaotic ISAC Experience And Fans Were All For It

There were only three members too.

MBC‘s Idol Sports Athletic Competition (ISAC) is a bi-annual sports festival where rookie and senior groups show off their athletic side to fans.

December 16 marked the filming for ISAC‘s 2020 Lunar New Year Special, and none of the groups were as relaxed this year as MONSTA X.


Hyungwon, Minhyuk, and I.M notably came late to the event, missing the press conference and strolling in leisurely during the warm up. They came directly from a flight after their Jingle Ball performance the day before.


They had a hard time finding MONBEBES as they turned off their lights sticks to nap while waiting for them to arrive.

The trio reportedly made their way to the opposite side of the stadium, asking the fancafe where their fans were seated.

Minhyuk: MONBEBE where are you?

I.M: We can’t find MONBEBE. We came to say hello but MONBEBE is not here 🙁


MONSTA X’s fancafe message.


Their looks of happiness when they found their freshly-woken up MONBEBES was the best.


MONBEBES joked that MONSTA X was purposely trying to get banned from the show considering their late arrival, constant use of their cameras, and posting on social media, clear rules set by MBC.


Considering how MONSTA X has a jam-packed schedule, the member’s desire to leave early was understandable, a sentiment MONBEBES shared by helping spread spoilers about the event to get them “banned”.

We gave spoilers so don’t call MONSTA X next time.



Minhyuk previously mentioned in an online broadcast that the group would attend ISAC only for a short time as they have a flight to catch soon after.


As a result, he freely told fans in the stadium to leave after their archery event.

However, even without any practice, Minhyuk, I.M, and Hyungwon scored well enough to make it to the finals.


Minhyuk was apologetic after they won the preliminary round as fans would have to wait a little longer before going home.


The trio left right after the finals to catch their flight to Japan.


MONBEBES were thankful for their hard work, wishing they could somehow find the time to rest after coming from straight schedules.

MBC’s Idol Sports Athletic Competition (ISAC) will be aired on January 25 and 26, 2020.