MONSTA X Confirms May Comeback With Member Joohoney

Welcome back Joohoney!

MONSTA X will officially be making a comeback with the return of member Joohoney. Starship Entertainment announced that the group would be making a comeback with a new album this May!

This is seven months since the release of their last mini album ‘FOLLOW’ : FIND YOU from last October.

They received much love for their title track “FOLLOW” with its upbeat melody and powerful performance and were able to expand their promotions overseas as well.

They followed up with their first U.S. album ALL ABOUT LUV with the title track “YOU CAN’T HOLD MY HEART.” This track featured a whole different vibe with a softer and smooth style sound.

They garnered success with the new album and received spotlight from various U.S. media outlets such as Forbes, TIME, Rolling Stones, and more.

They also had the honor to hit number five on the Billboard 200 chart as they received more recognition in the states.

Along with news of their comeback, they also revealed that member Joohoney would be returning to the group for the new album. “Member Joohoney, who took a break in January for his mental health, will be joining the group for the upcoming comeback.”

During his hiatus, he focused on his health and has gotten much better. After consulting with the doctor, they made the decision for him to return to the group. We will continue to monitor all the members’ condition and health.

Fans all over the world are excited for this long-awaited comeback with the inclusion of Joohoney.

More updates and news about their comeback will be revealed through their official social media pages.

Source: hankyung