MONSTA X Discuss Their Food And Fashion Preferences In The Most Chaotic Way

“100% out!”

In a new “In Or Out” video with EsquireMONSTA X discussed which food and fashion trends are in and which are out in the loudest, most chaotic way!

Cappuccino: out

Cappuccino was their first victim–and was immediately kicked out!

“100% out!” Kihyun yelled when the question was asked.

All the other members joined in the yelling, completely ignoring Minhyuk asking them all to elaborate on why.

Finally, they settled down, and Hyungwon and Joohoney explained that they only like Americano.

“I love cappuccino when I’m cold,” said Minhyuk. “But it’s out! Sorry cappuccino!”

Big coats: in

“Definitely in!” I.M exclaimed.

Once again, Minhyuk was the outlier, saying he prefers fitted looks, and only likes oversized coats if they’re by Balenciaga.

“I like Balenciaga,” Joohoney then said, much to the amusement of his members. “Call me!”

Berets: out

Both Joohoney and Kihyun agreed that they love berets, which comes as no surprise: both of them wear them often!

“They’re so cutie-cutie!” exclaimed Joohoney. “I have so many berets.”

“I like bucket hats but not berets,” said I.M. “For me, I think it’s too much.”

Despite Joohoney and Kihyun’s enthusiasm for them, the group ended up voting them out.

Luxury sweatpants: in

This was probably the most chaotic one! First, Kihyun accurately predicted Joohoney’s answer: in!

“I think [Joohoney] will say in,” he explained. “He has a lot of luxury sweatpants.”

“People think sweatpants are to chill,” said Minhyuk. “But my sweatpants are expensive!”

When they thought they had settled on “in,” however, Hyungwon deemed them out!

“Are you sure you don’t have any?!” Minhyuk then accused him. “I’ll look for it!”

“My sweatpants are… Everything is so cheap,” Hyungwon insisted, making Minhyuk and Kihyun immediately start protesting!

“Liar liar!” Kihyun yelled.

“He has Balenciaga sweatpants!” Minhyuk yelled.

After much yelling from his members, Hyungwon finally decided they were in.

Cucumber: in

Ask any MONBEBE about cucumber and they’ll give you the same answer: Minhyuk absolutely hates them!

So when they were asked about cucumbers, the first thing Shownu did was ask Minhyuk if he was okay!

Joohoney immediately exposed him!

Then Minhyuk asked his bandmates whether they thought cucumber smelled good, and when they all answered yes, Minhyuk was disgusted.

“And their shape… It’s…” Minhyuk began, but before he could continue, Joohoney insisted that cucumbers’ shape is “very beautiful and pretty!”

Despite Joohoney’s convincing arguments, Hyungwon still voted them out!

“Don’t eat it!” he exclaimed while Minhyuk praised him.

However, they ended up voting it in!

“They’re in, but not welcome,” said I.M.

Being tall: out

While not technically a trend, height is often tied to beauty and fashion. None of them were quite sure how to approach the last question, so leader Shownu took charge.

“I think ‘out,'” he said. “You don’t need it.”

“Height is not important,” agreed Minhyuk.

With that, they ended off a chaotic interview on a much calmer note!

You can see the chaos for yourself in the video below.

Source: YouTube