“MONSTA X : The Dreaming” Movie Practically Leaves Out Two Members, And Many Fans Are Upset

MONBEBEs wish to love and support all members.

Today, MONSTA X dropped their second full English album, The Dreaming, with title track “You Problem.”

MONBEBEs got a first listen of the new album during screenings of the group’s feature film MONSTA X : The Dreaming. It was released in South Korea on December 8. For the rest of the world, it premiered Thursday, December 9, with the second showings being Saturday, December 11.

“MONSTA X : The Dreaming” poster.

Some first viewers of the movie expressed disappointment. It’s not the case that it is a low-quality production or even necessarily a bad depiction of the group. It just didn’t live up to expectations as it failed to accurately portrayal the group since there was a lack of representation of certain members.

From left: I.M, Hyungwon, Minhyuk, Joohoney, and Kihyun. | Starship Entertainment

Shownu specifically had very little screentime. Upon a first screening, a Korean MONBEBE revealed that there were no interviews of him included, nor was he seen in performances.

He (Shownu) doesn’t come out.

He didn’t appear in the performances, interview and behind the scenes, and his name was only mentioned about once or twice…

— @imn__aneim/Twitter

MONBEBEs have been shocked since. Many wonder how a film can be made about MONSTA X and not include the group’s leader.

It feels unfathomable to make a movie about a group and then not include their own leader that helped them become the legendary music act they are today. So, many are wondering why such a thing would happen.

As you probably know, Shownu is serving in the military right now, fulfilling his mandatory enlistment, so clearly, he can’t be a part of promotions with the group. Minhyuk acts as a leader currently during current events.

Shownu (left) and Minhyuk (right).

Shownu’s military enlistment might also be the causality for his lack of screentime in the movie. During the period of enlistment, active income such as participating in shows or, in this case, movies are not allowed, while passive income such as song royalties is alright.

This brings up a whole new debate on what exactly is permissible for an idol during their mandatory enlistment. Shownu is included in other upcoming content, such as Season’s Greetings that are sure to make a profit. Yet, he can’t be in a movie. The lines on what is acceptable seem blurred.

| Twitter

Even so, since everyone involved in the film’s production knew Shownu would be enlisting, some things maybe should have been approached differently. To avoid false advertisement claims, some suggest that perhaps his name shouldn’t have been included on all advertisements and posters for MONSTA X : The Dreaming. Because his name was on everything, we all expected to see Shownu, raising hopes only to be disappointed.

Shownu was not the only one nearly erased from MONSTA X : The Dreaming. Former member Wonho also was omitted. While there clearly were scenes and photos from throughout MONSTA X’s history that we know he was part of, he had seemingly vanished.

Edited shot from “MONSTA X : The Dreaming” (left) and original group photo with Wonho (right). | Starship Entertainment via @2feis/Twitter

Editors blurred and edited out any appearance of Wonho despite him being a member since the group’s debut in 2015 to 2019. Even then, he only left the group out of the group’s best interest.

While he has now been cleared of all charges, he had been under investigation as he was wrongfully accused of past drug usage. At that time, Wonho made the decision to leave MONSTA X out of fear that the group would fall apart due to the rumors surrounding him.

Wonho | The Star

He explained later on, “I thought the group could be saved if I left the group as soon as possible.” While he was innocent, he still chose to make a sacrifice with the best interest of his members and friends in mind. Yet, despite his innocence and sacrifice, he is continually erased from MONSTA X’s history, punished for no reason.

From left: Hyungwon, Minhyuk, Wonho, Shownu, Joohoney, I.M, and Kihyun.

Besides, Wonho is technically still under the same company as MONSTA X as he’s signed to Highline Entertainment, a subsidiary of Starship Entertainment. So, it feels unnecessary to continue to act like he was never a member.

Erasure of Wonho in MONSTA X is not a one-time incident. It’s actually happened time and time again. Both the company as well as Korean broadcast stations have blurred Wonho and edited him out from various MONSTA X content.

So, upon viewing MONSTA X : The Dreaming, naturally, MONBEBEs were disappointed but not surprised. Not only as fans but as humans, considering another’s feelings, they’re concerned about how these members must feel whenever they see their hard work over the years go unrecognized.

Wonho, in some way, does make a brief appearance, but it’s a blink-and-you-miss-it moment. He is credited as “Hoseok Shin” for “Who Do U Love,” although this isn’t his real name. At one time, some fans believed this to be his name, even referring to him as “Shin Hoseok” or “Shin Wonho.” So, while he should be credited for song usage as he did contribute to its production, he should be credited as his real name, “Lee Hoseok” or “Hoseok Lee.”

Still, MONBEBEs are attempting to look on the bright side. Regardless of the lack of inclusion of both Shownu and Wonho, many are calling the movie “good,” “beautiful,” and a “must-watch.”

Some are even satisfied with the little bit of screentime Shownu did have. He was not as actively edited out and erased in the same way Wonho has been.

Most still agree that both Wonho and Shownu should have been better included. But MONBEBEs are encouraging others to watch it no matter what, saying we should support MONSTA X all the time that they are active with any number of members.

Nevertheless, many are genuinely enjoying MONSTA X : The Dreaming.  In fact, the movie might even be making MONBEBEs out of locals…

Many non-MONBEBEs are beginning their own journey with MONSTA X now.

So, we hope that they will explore the group’s authentic history afterward and love all members.

MONSTA X: The Dreaming is available in select cinemas worldwide. The last day to watch is December 11.