MONSTA X Enchanted The US Audience As “One Of The Biggest K-Pop Bands In The World”

Monbebes are so proud of this accomplishment!

Ellen DeGeneres invited MONSTA X on to her show, The Ellen Show, and helped the US audience explore the amusing world of K-Pop. Viewers immediately fell in love with MONSTA X’s charismatic performance of “Who Do U Love” and more.


Ellen introduced MONSTA X as “One of the biggest K-Pop bands in the world” and welcomed them on to the stage. Monbebes are thrilled for the recognition that the group got, considering the influence The Ellen Show has in the US.


MONSTA X did not disappoint with their performance either. They looked natural and relaxed, even though it was their first time on The Ellen Show. Joohoney‘s sweetest smile at the beginning of the song was more than enough to completely capture the audience’s attention!


After the performance, members got to meet and greet Ellen. Both MONSTA X and Ellen looked excited to be in each other’s company!


Ellen later tweeted a bonus clip of the group’s performance of “Oh My!” which shows very well how lit AF the studio was with MONSTA X in the house!


Watch the full performance here: