MONSTA X Are Set To Meet Fans In Person

Their fan-concert will have both offline and online ticketing options.

MONSTA X recently announced their 5th Monbebe fan-concert, which will span across two days, March 6 and 7. The event will take place at the Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul, and it’ll be both offline and online—only official fanclub members will be able to purchase tickets to the offline event but tickets to the stream will be available to the public.

Their company, Starship Entertainment, clarified that they will be following strict government-sanctioned COVID-19 guidelines.

Offline concerts are operated by the COVID-19 government guidelines. Please note that a minimum social distance must be kept at all times. Our seating plan can be changed depending on the social distancing phase of the government.

Details of offline concerts can be changed according to the COVID-19 government guidelines, and additional announcements will be provided for any changes.

— Starship Entertainment via the group’s official fancafe

Offline tickets will go on sale on February 22 at 7PM KST and online tickets on February 19 at 11AM KST. There are 4 online ticket options, including one limited to official fanclub members. Tickets can be purchased through Yes24 or V Live. More ticket and merchandise options will be released in a second round of sales which has yet to be announced.

| @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

This is the first time MONSTA X’s annual fan concert will be broadcasted live. This will also be the group’s first time holding their own concert in-person in over a year. Hopefully, both the band and the fans will have a safe and enjoyable experience!

| @OfficialMonstaX
Source: Korea Herald