MONSTA X Got Angry At Their Staff, For Being Cruel To Their Fans

The members were visibly angry, and scolded their staff

MONSTA X received attention for how they reacted when their fans were mistreated by their own staff right in front of their eyes.


At MONSTA X’s fan meeting in Singapore, fans with meet & greet passes got the opportunity to take a group photo with MONSTA X. Although it was pouring rain, fans arrived at the photo op location, excited with anticipation.


However, the chairs the fans had been sitting on were taken away by staff and the photographer instructed the fans to kneel on the sopping wet ground.


Visibly shocked and flustered, the members couldn’t bear to see their fans kneeling on the hard, wet ground. Against their staff’s instructions, the members told their fans to stand back up.


The members began to speak with the staff and brought the meet & greet to a halt until the fans were shown respect, and could be provided with chairs to sit on.


Wonho even wiped the drenched chairs with his sleeve!


The fans were extraordinarily happy as they not only got to meet their idols, but also received MONSTA X’s love and respect for them firsthand.


MONSTA X has once again proven that they’re true gentlemen and care deeply for their international fans!


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