MONSTA X Hilariously Proclaims Their Love For… Shrek?

“MONSTA X talking about how much they love Shrek was the last thing I expected today…”

On August 9, MONSTA X‘s Post It Or Ghost It challenge with Seventeen magazine caused quite a stir as the members expressed their honest feelings about popular trends from the 2000s such as One Direction and The Lord of the Rings.

However, it came as a surprise to fans that the group actually has a deep appreciation for one of the most meme-able cartoon movies of the time: Shrek!

An edit of I.M with Shrek on After School Club | @kihyunanti/weheartit

As soon as they were presented with the choice, the MONSTA X members unanimously voted ‘Post It’ before explaining the things they enjoy about the Shrek film.

Minhyuk expressed that “The graphics aren’t important. It’s the story.”

I.M agreed, adding on that he loves Princess Fiona’s development because “even though she visually became a Shrek, her inner side is so, so beautiful.”

Joohoney also chimed in, saying that he really liked Puss In Boots!

But no matter what, all of the members agree with Kihyun that Donkey is definitely the most important character at the end of the day.

MONBEBEs everywhere are still in shock, as who would have ever thought they would see MONSTA X talking about Shrek of all things?

You can watch the full video here: