MONSTA X Hope To Work With These Rappers, Monbebes Can’t Wait To Hear The Beat Drop

Whatever they make, it’s going to sound amazing.

In a recent interview with 104.3 MYfm, MONSTA X revealed their ambitions to continue working with American rappers! Fans are excited to hear that they’re open to more collaborations and can’t wait to have some of these wishes come true.


When the interviewer, Kevin Manno, asked for the members’ dream collaborations, MONSTA X were not shy to share their high hopes. Kihyun, for one, “went for the top” and invited Beyonce out to a collaboration of the century!

Kihyun: Beyonce.
Kevin: Beyonce! You’re going right for the top!


Joohoney was interested in working with Travis Scott


… and I.M looked forward to possibilities with Ty Dolla Sign.


MONSTA X also mentioned Lil Nas X, whose recent remix featuring BTS‘s RM was a huge hit in and outside Korea for K-Pop fans!


In addition, when Kevin Manno explained that Katy Perry will be blessing the studio with her presence after MONSTA X, the members immediately became interested in making some serious bops with her too!


Monbebes are keeping their fingers crossed for any or all of these to happen for MONSTA X soon. With all their talent, whatever drops from these dream collaborations is bound to be a real bop!


Watch the full interview here:


And listen to MONSTA X’s latest collaboration with French Montana: