MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Leaves Fans Shook With His New Muscles

Hyungwon didn’t disappoint with his gift for fans.

MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon is known for his slim figure and showing off his toned abs but recently took fans by surprise with his unexpected arm muscles.


When Hyungwon took to the group’s official Twitter to post an update, the last thing fans expected to see was a workout clip. As Hyungwon showed himself working out his arms, seeing just how big his arm muscles were left many surprised.

Hyungwon made sure to cover all the bases by using different workout machines, flexing his muscles so that fans could see them in their full glory.

The sudden debut of Hyungwon’s muscles left many feeling attacked—in the best way—and predicting the idol would have some new fans swerving into his lane.

It was even more surprising to fans once they showed the difference in how muscular Hyungwon is now compared to before.

Since Hyungwon claimed he had a gift for fans right before releasing the clip, it’s safe to say his gift was well-received. He knows exactly what fans want.

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