MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Gives Lee Young Ji Sincere Dating Advice

It also proves he’ll be a great father!

MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon was the latest guest on Lee Young Ji‘s hilarious My Alcohol Diary series. Every second of the episode was filled with chaos as Lee Young Ji couldn’t get over Hyungwon’s handsome visuals.

Throughout the episode, Lee Young Ji asks Hyungwon for his advice on different things, like how he manages friendships with all the other idols he’s met over his career.

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And she also asks Hyungwon for his advice on dating in her early twenties.

Lee Young Ji: Let’s say that you turned back into your early 20s.

Hyungwon: Who, me?

Lee Young Ji: If you turned into my age, what kind of person will you suggest me to date?

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At first, Hyungwon believes that Lee Young Ji should try to gain experience dating.

Hyungwon: Early 20s? I just want you to meet anyone.

Lee Young Ji: What do you mean?

Hyungwon: I mean to meet various people.

Lee Young Ji: You mean to gain experience?

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But as he thinks more about the question, Hyungwon changes his answer, saying he actually would feel too protective to say she should meet anyone.

Hyungwon: But I made a mistake.

Lee Young Ji: Why?

Hyungwon: Thinking of you as my younger sister… I am a bit conservative.

Lee Young Ji: Oh really?

Hyungwon: I would be very worried.

Lee Young Ji: What kind of worry? I want to hear it.

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Hyungwon looks at it from the perspective of if he had a daughter in the future, suggesting that what he would most want for her is her safety.

Hyungwon: Although I don’t have a daughter right now, if I have one in the future, it will feel weird when she brings her boyfriend.

Lee Young Ji: Then as if you are suggesting [to] your daughter, who should I meet?

Hyungwon: A person who is not violent at all.

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And although Lee Young Ji finds his answer amusing, Hyungwon is serious about it.

Hyungwon: There are too many violent people nowadays. I’m serious. Be careful.

Lee Young Ji: Then how can I distinguish?

Hyungwon: That’s why you have to drink with that person.

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And when Lee Young Ji reframes the question, asking him who he thinks his daughter should meet, Hyungwon responds just as sincerely.

Hyungwon: I want her to meet someone she loves. Someone who she really likes. She should meet and experience getting hurt. Not physically, emotionally.

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At Lee Young Ji’s teasing, Hyungwon explains that he’s so focused on possible violence because of what he’s seen on the news.

Lee Young Ji: I’m sorry, but I have one question for you.

Hyungwon: Are you trying to ask if I was ever hurt? No.

Lee Young Ji: Do you have a lot of violent people around you?

Hyungwon: I can see it often on the news.

Lee Young Ji: Oh on the news?

Hyungwon: People shouldn’t get hurt and hurt others.

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You can read more about the episode here.

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