MONSTA X Hyungwon To Return To ‘Beautiful’ Tour For L.A Show

MONSTA X Hyungwon will return to the MONSTA X Beautiful in Los Angeles Tour dates on July 23-24 after making a recovery and returning to health.

“MONSTA X is currently on their first world tour [BEAUTIFUL].

First of all, we feel very sorry for worrying all fans because of Hyungwon’s health before the world tour.

Currently, Hyungwon has gotten better after resting and healing.

Following this, we have decided that he will join the world your [BEAUTIFUL] in L.A. after hearing medical opinion that said he is fine to continue his activities and his desire to be on stage a day earlier.

Through all this time, fans felt the same pain as Hyungwon, supported him and also comforted him so we would like to thank you all so much to the point that words can’t even express.

It is expected that Hyungwon will stand along with MONSTA X this upcoming July 23-24 (U.S. time 8PM) during ‘[BEAUTIFUL] in LA’.

We would like to bow down and give our thanks again to all the fans that have waited and worried for him.

We will proceed to support MONSTA X during the last of their world tour so that they can maintain their good health.

Thank you.”

– Starship Entertainment

Monbebe are excited to welcome him back to health for the tour!

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