MONSTA X and iKON to face off in September

Boy groups MONSTA X and iKON will be facing off soon with their respective comeback and debut this month.

The Starship Entertainment and YG Entertainment groups have received attention for their scheduled September releases.

A report has shown many similarities between the two groups that will make the stakes of competition very high. For starters, both seven-member groups emerged from highly intense competition shows. While iKON is a product of Who Is Next and Mix and Match, MONSTA X came from NO.MERCY.

Additionally, the two groups both work with an edgier, trendier, hip hop-pop concept that leverages their youth and energy in their favors. Stacked with well-rounded artists, rappers, composers, writers, and producers, the two groups seem neck in neck. The individual members have been acknowledged by seniors in the industry with MONSTA X’s Jooheon having worked separately with Mad Clown and iKON’s Bobby and B.I impressing fans with their performances on Show Me The Money 3.

MONSTA X has recently dropped the music video for their title track “Rush” off their second mini-album of the same name. Meanwhile, Yang Hyun Suk has recently delivered the first video teaser for iKON’s long-awaited debut music video as well as released a comeback schedule for iKON.

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Posted by iKON on Monday, September 7, 2015

Source: X Sports News