MONSTA X’s I.M Addresses The Hate He Received On Survival Program “No Mercy”

He’s now MONSTA X’s beloved maknae!

MONSTA X was formed through the survival program NO.MERCY. When the show began airing in December 2014, 12 STARSHIP Entertainment trainees battled it out. A few months later, after several trainees were eliminated, I.M was introduced as a new contestant.

MONSTA X right after “NO.MERCY” ended | 1theK

Viewers were initially upset at the turn of events, and even the contestants themselves gave him a cold welcome. They found it unfair that their friends were forced to leave while I.M was given a chance so near the end of the show.

We lost three guys to elimination. It’s the fourth debut mission and you join the show? So I can’t help but feel like you were promised something…as long as you remain on the show, it’s going to be tough.

— Joohoney

After MONSTA X debuted, however, I.M became a fundamental part of the group and the members’ precious youngest member!

In a newly released interview with WIRED, the maknae briefly talked about the hardships he faced on the show due to entering it late.

I joined that program in the middle—not even the middle, at the end of the program. Lots of people hated me.

— I.M

Upon saying the last sentence, the members burst out in opposition, shouting, “No, no! See the question? How did I.M become a member. No hate.”

I.M brushed off their concern with a smile and continued his train of thought. “No hate? Well, this is my result.”

Regardless of how he entered the group, he worked hard to get to where he is now.

Whatever, I just hopped on that program and f*cking passed.

— I.M

MONBEBEs now know that I.M is an integral part of the group!

Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube