MONSTA X’s Joohoney Had The Cutest Reaction To Finding Out “GAMBLER” Is #1 Music Video

“GAMBLER” is the #1 most viewed music video in the past 24 hours on YouTube Charts!

MONSTA X recently released their music video for “GAMBLER,” and it’s already one of their most successful releases! It has become the #1 most viewed music video in the past 24 hours on YouTube Charts. It’s also the fastest MONSTA X music video to reach 1 million, 5 million, 10 million, and now 14 million views. 

Although Joohoney played a huge part in the song’s success as he served as one of the writers, he had not realized quite yet its popularity yet until a fan informed him!

Joohoney | @joopiics/Twitter

During a fansign video call, a fan named Amber (@amberloveshownu on Twitter) told him how much they loved “GAMBLER.” He appeared surprised, saying that he was nervous to know Monbebes’ reaction to the song.

I’m so nervous right now because I made it, but I don’t know what the Monbebes are feeling right now…

— Joohoney

Amber then assured him that Monebebes are all loving “GAMBLER,” telling him that it’s currently the top music video in the entire world. He replied, shocked, saying, “Oh! Really?! I don’t know.” She replied, “It’s doing that good!”

On behalf of all Monbebes, Amber added that they’re very proud of Joohoney!

Watch the full clip below:

Check out the music video for “GAMBLER” below:

Source: @amberloveshownu