MONSTA X’s Joohoney Comments On His Past Hiatus And His Current Health

He left a message for his fans.

MONSTA X held an online showcase to celebrate the release of their latest comeback, “FANTASIA X”. During the interview, Jooheon opened up about his past hiatus due to his mental health.

Starship had announced this past January that Joohoney will be taking a break from promotions due to anxiety. He took three months of a well-needed break before returning to promotions starting in March.

Joohoney reassured his fans that he’s doing much better. He opened up about his hiatus and revealed that he devoted the time to return to his fans with positivity.

I went on a hiatus before our comeback. I worked towards returning with a good mindset and attitude.

— Joohoney

He also took the time to send a supportive message to Monbebes who are going through similar difficult times. He reassured them that MONSTA X is there to send them strength and well wishes, even if they can’t physically see at all times just how much they work for their fans.

I missed Monbebes so much. We may not be able to physically show Monbebes just how much MONSTA X is working hard for them, but I like to believe that they know.

I hope Monbebes all around the world remain strong. MONSTA X is cheering them on.

— Joohoney

MONSTA X just released their latest album with title track “FANTASTIA” today! Check out their new music video below:


Source: Newsen