MONSTA X’s Kihyun Receives Praise For Being Extra Conscientious Towards Fans At 2022 KCON

He is truly the standard!

MONSTA X‘s Kihyun is receiving praise for his care and conscientiousness towards MONBEBEs (fans of MONSTA X).

MONSTA X’s Kihyun

MONSTA X performed at 2022 KCON on May 7. As always, the group delivered a show-stopping performance.

Yet, there’s one brief moment courtesy of Kihyun gaining attention among MONBEBEs online even days later.

It’s become customary for artists to record during their own concerts, particularly near the end, to capture memories between them and fans. Sometimes, we may see these videos posted later on social media in terms of tour vlogs and whatnot. Most fans are eager to spot themselves and be featured in their favorite artists’ posts.

Still, not everyone is comfortable being recorded and would prefer not to have their face revealed publicly online. So, under normal circumstances, it’s considered necessary to ask one’s permission before recording. And that’s exactly what Kihyun did at 2022 KCON.

At one point, Kihyun had brought out a small camera to capture part of 2022 KCON. 

He smiled at the audience and clearly pointed to and from the camera and the fans in front of him, communicating that he would like to record them. Kihyun kept it turned away, though, until they consented to be recorded.

After they agreed, he turned around to capture a selfie with them!

This moment ended up going viral on both Twitter and TikTok.

Kei (@shownuchijeu on Twitter) reposted the video from 나랑ෆ (@narangayo on Twitter). It garnered 62.4K views with over 4K likes and 1,395 retweets as of the time of writing.

Chaotic Monstas‘ (@mxbebe2021) repost of the same video on TikTok, and it went viral with 42.9K views and 11.7K likes. The MONBEBE captioned the video, “In Kihyun we trust.”

Kihyun asking for consent before filming at KCON is such a simple yet incredibly meaningful and thoughtful gesture.

— @mxbebe2021/TikTok


In Kihyun we trust @monsta_x_514 #kpop #monstax #jooheon #minhyuk #changkyun #shownu #kihyun #hyungwon


MONBEBEs are praising Kihyun for his small but outstanding gesture. He is being applauded for being gentlemanly and asking for consent.

| @mxbebe2021/TikTok
| @mxbebe2021/TikTok

This wouldn’t be the first time Kihyun practiced consent between him and MONBEBEs. Similarly, although most artists throw water on fans excitedly, Kihyun recognized that it might make some uncomfortable. So, he asked before doing so at MONSTA X’s 2019 Manila concert.

MONBEBEs praised him then, too, admiring the fact that he demonstrated the importance of consent even in a normal interaction between idol and fan.

Kihyun has a reputation for being an idol that is always very caring and conscientious of his fans. He does many things that never cross the average man’s mind, and that’s one of many reasons why we love him.

Kihyun is the standard!

Source: @shownuchijeu

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