MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Told The Emotional Stories Behind Three Of His Baby Pictures

His childhood wasn’t always perfect.

In collaboration with the popular Korean television program Return of Superman, MONSTA X‘s Joohoney, Kihyun, and Minhyuk were the first guests on its brand new idol quiz show.

At the beginning of the 37 minute special, all three members got to see a few of their very own baby pictures, and Minhyuk had quite a lot to share.

Joohoney, Minhyuk, and Kihyun | 슈돌/YouTube

Regarding the original image featured in the preview, both Joohoney and Kihyun agreed that Minhyuk was extremely handsome. But once Kihyun further joked about how he looked like a rich kid, he quickly clarified that none of the clothes were actually his.

Kihyun: Okay, but Minhyuk is always talking about how he has “risen from nothing.” That’s his pride and honor. You look RICH in this picture though!
Minhyuk: Haha, no… I’m wearing rentals there.
Kihyun: Are you?
Minhyuk: Yep.
Kihyun: Fine. If that’s the case…
Minhyuk: All rented.

| 슈돌/YouTube

After that, the group got to see little Minhyuk in a full-on denim outfit. As the members complimented his (well, his parents’) sophisticated choices, Minhyuk explained how his family’s financial situation was complicated while he was growing up.

Listen, the IMF crisis took Korea in 1996-1997. That’s when things became tough for my family. Before that happened, my family had been well off. We traveled a lot.

— Minhyuk

| 슈돌/YouTube

The last story, which leans a lot closer to the humorous side, was about the photo where Minhyuk looked like a little baby king dressed in a colorful Hanbok ensemble. Interestingly, he was able to recall the full context of the situation in detail.

I remember this day too. This was taken at kindergarten. We were doing some play called The King And His Servants. I cried because I was chosen for the role of a servant. Like, ‘WHY AM I NOT THE KING?!’ Yeah… I bawled. I remember crying my eyes out about why I didn’t get the role of the king.

— Minhyuk

What do you think about the stories behind Minhyuk’s baby pictures?