MONSTA X Reveals Their Honest Thoughts About Their New Label-Brothers, CRAVITY

CRAVITY is the first boy group to debut under Starship since MONSTA X.

MONSTA X held an online showcase to celebrate the release of their latest comeback, “FANTASIA X”. During the interview, they opened up about the latest addition to the Starship family, CRAVITY.

Jooheon had actually taken part in composing CRAVITY’s sub-title track, “JUMPER”. He explained how exciting it was to work on another group’s song outside of MONSTA X.

He explained, “I showed a lot of my songs through MONSTA X’s albums and mixtapes, but it was meaningful to work on my younger labelmates’ debut album.

Jooheon had gone to personally cheer on CRAVITY during their practice and spent time with them. He opened up on his honest thoughts on the younger Starship generation.

Jooheon confessed that CRAVITY reminded him a lot of their own debut days!

While looking at CRAVITY, it reminded me of when we first debuted.

I wanted to give positive vibes and motivation to our younger labelmates by visiting them pre-debut as a label senior and friend.

— Jooheon

Minhyuk, who had seen CRAVITY’s debut stage as an MC, revealed his own honest thoughts.

While watching CRAVITY perform “JUMPER”, I was energized and amazed.

I thought, Jooheon gave them a very great gift.

— Minhyuk

CRAVITY was the first boy band to debut under Starship after MONSTA X’s debut back in 2015. Now that MONSTA X has younger brothers under their label, the MONSTA X CRAVITY chemistry is something to look out for!

Meanwhile, MONSTA X dropped their latest hit, “FANTASIA”! Check out the music video below:

Source: Sports Donga