MONSTA X Reacted To Workout And Diet Comments— And Their Answers Were Unexpectedly Hilarious

Their answers were hilariously relatable.

MONSTA X reacted to Monbebes workout and diet comments on the Internet with Men’s Health, and their responses are hilarious.

| Men’s Health/YouTube

They started off strong with a comment from a Monbebe about Shownu‘s strength coming from holding the whole K-Pop industry— to which Shownu confirmed.

Shownu quickly followed up with a humble comment, saying “honestly, that’s the only thing I can say in English.” It’s okay Shownu, no need to downplay your talent. Minhyuk also had a serious response when asked about what other workouts the members do aside from dancing.

Minyhuk also gave his honest answer when asked what his favorite healthy snack was.

Let’s not forget that MONSTA X spends $27k a month on food. They quickly explained that it wasn’t each month, but an average. I.M summed it up well, saying “we do not have lots of money, but we eat a lot. That’s it.

| Men’s Health/YouTube

Watch the full video below to see the rest of their answers!