MONSTA X Discover What Their Members’ Lifetime Movies Would Be—And The Answers May Surprise You

Minhyuk really knows Jooheon too well!

In the first part of their “MX REVIEW” video series, MONSTA X played a game in which they competed to figure out each member’s lifetime movie!

The other members took turns asking the competing member yes or no questions regarding their chosen lifetime movie.

The first one to go up was Minhyuk, but luck wasn’t on his members’ side: his answer to all of their questions turned out to be “no”!

The only question that got a yes was when Kihyun asked if the main character was a man.

Shownu then asked if it was an interesting movie, eliciting a laugh from his members!

“It’s his lifetime movie and he’s asking if it’s interesting!” exclaimed Hyungwon.

Minhyuk then started to get frustrated and revealed another letter from the title, but that only confused them more!

“I can’t stand it because I’m frustrated!” he exclaimed. “It’s Life Is Beautiful!”

Naturally, the members asked why he picked the 1997 Italian film as his lifetime movie.

I watched the movie because I was curious after seeing the meme where the child stood in front of the tank. It’s a movie that warms your heart and makes you feel better, so I recommend it to everyone.


The next member to go was Hyungwon, and the members were already feeling more optimistic.

“I know, I know,” Joohoney said.

They were immediately able to figure out that it was a foreign movie, but that threw Joohoney for a loop: he was convinced it would be a Korean movie!

Kihyun accurately guessed that it was a romance movie but he was shocked that it wasn’t About Time!

Shownu knew immediately after that: it was The Notebook!

Hyungwon tried to deny it, but there was no use: they all knew Shownu had won. However, he refused to answer whether he had cried while watching it or not!

The story itself is a heartbreaking love story. I watched it when I was young, and it left a deep impression, so I watch it sometimes when I think of it.


The third person to go up was Kihyun, who assured the members that it would be easy… But answered “no” to the first few questions!

Minhyuk started getting so frustrated with Kihyun’s “nope”s that he had to scream!

When Kihyun gave them a hint, though, Hyungwon got it immediately: the 2005 American film, Constantine!

The completeness is very high and the main character is really awesome.


Best for last, Joohoney was the last one to compete–if you can even call it that!

The second he sat down, Minhyuk already knew: it was the Marvel movie Black Panther!

Joohoney was so shocked but all the members were amused, clapping and cheering for Minhyuk!

As it turns out, Joohoney had already given it away at the beginning of the game, when they were reading the instructions. Oh no…

After Minhyuk and he argued for a while, Joohoney begrudgingly admitted that he was correct, and that he picked Blank Panther because he “just liked the character.”

Hopefully Shownu and I.M’s lifetime movies will be less easy to guess!

Source: YouTube