The Members Of MONSTA X Reveal Their Latest Dream Collaborations

Please make these collaborations happen!

The talented members of MONSTA X recently participated in a fun interview with Seventeen Magazine where they answered 17 questions!

One question asked, “Who is your dream collab?” Throughout their career, MONSTA X has collaborated with several amazing artists such as Steve Aoki, French Montana, MAMAMOO‘s Wheein, and many more!

To add to their long list of iconic collabs, the members named various other artists they’d like to collaborate with. First off, Kihyun showed off his love for his fellow member and claimed he wants to collaborate with Joohoney! How sweet!

Flattered, Joohoney revealed he wants to collaborate with Kihyun as well! Do I smell a new duo unit coming soon?! We can only hope!

Moving on to artists outside of their group, Hyungwon grinned and answered he’d like to work with Rihanna. Can you imagine the queen of music collaborating with several musical kings?!

Minhyuk also named a talented artist! For his dream collaboration, Minhyuk shared, “These days, Jeremy Zucker.

Last but not least, I.M stated he wants to collaborate with the talented Post Malone! That would be one amazing collaboration!

Hopefully, the members of MONSTA X will get to work with all the artists they named! Until then, Monbebes will be jamming out to the group’s latest hit “Gambler.”

Check out MONSTA X’s interview below: