MONSTA X’s Ranking Reveals Their Favorite From Their Own Songs

And just who has a vendetta against their debut song Trespass?

While visiting BuzzFeed to promote their most recent title track “Gambler,” MONSTA X took the time to sit down and rank songs from their catalogue using a bracket in hopes of finding out what their favorite group song is.

MONSTA X | BuzzFeed Celeb/YouTube

Unfortunately, Shownu was unable to join in on the ranking. However, this meant this group was at an odd five members, preventing any kind of tie when picking songs. With the members ready and the bracket set, just what is MONSTA X’s favorite MONSTA X song?

Before you find out the boys’ ranking, fill out the bracket yourself and see if you match up with the group! | BuzzFeed Celeb/YouTube

The first round started off relatively calm, with some disagreements arising but everyone at least understanding each other’s opinions. In this round the group tended to choose tracks they found more chill with Minhyuk even revealing that he no longer liked their hit “Hero” because he’d heard it so many times. However, it wasn’t all close calls with some unanimous choices including their hits like “Love Killa”, “Misbehave”(Minhyuk’s self proclaimed favorite), and their Steve Aoki collaboration Play It Cool”

When you have so many bops, how can you be expected to remember all of them? | BuzzFeed Celeb/Youtube

For the Sweet Sixteen of this bracket, the choices got a little more tricky with more exclamations of just how hard the decision between the songs is. These tough decisions provided some new potential mash-up titles like “Fa-My Side” (a combo of Fallin” and By My Side“) and “Zone Killa” (Zone” and “Love Killa” respectively) as the members tried to choose between the two.

It was also around the end of this round that they realized a member was on a completely different wavelength from the rest of the group. Hyungwon began quietly adding his dissent and by the time they’d reached the Top Eight, he was ready to let that dissent be known.

Our Odd One Out, Hyungwon. | BuzzFeed Celeb/YouTube

In the top eight, Hyungwon revealed that he was not just an “odd one out” but was also not a big fan of the groups debut song “Trespass” and was ready to vote for any song that was up against it. Unfortunately for him, the final two songs came down to “Trespass” and the most recent option the group had “Love Killa”

Would the group pick nostalgia over newness or would the freshness of their recent track (and Hyungwon’s disdain for their debut song) win out?

In the end, MONSTA X chose…

“Love Killa” | starshipTV/YouTube 

Love Killa!” Congratulations to MONSTA X on finding out what their favorite song is and to Hyungwon on the group narrowly avoiding Trepass” as their all time favorite!

Watch the original video below and find out if your bracket matches up with the group.

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