MONSTA X’s Security Guard Passes Away While Working On U.S. Tour

May they rest in peace.

Recently, Starship Entertainment released an official statement on MONSTA X‘s official fan cafe regarding the passing of a security guard who worked with them in the states. Below is the official statement.

| MONSTA X Official Daum Fan Cafe

Hello, this is Starship Entertainment. We are here to inform about heartbreaking news. An employee of a security company who worked with us passed away during our business trip to the United States. 

There is no way to express our sorrow at the sudden loss of the person who has worked with all their heart and soul. We have made every effort to work together locally with the company to which the employee was affiliated, and will do our best to not neglect any funeral procedures.

Please pray for the deceased and for the sake of the remaining bereaved family, we ask everyone to refrain from reporting speculative and false rumors, including the personal information about the deceased. May the deceased Rest In Peace.

Source: MONSTA X Official Daum Cafe