How MONSTA X Show MONBEBE Their Love For Shownu In “SHAPE Of LOVE” Comeback

MONSTA X truly treasure their leader.

On April 26th, MONSTA X released their eleventh mini album, SHAPE Of LOVE, featuring title track “LOVE”.

MONSTA X SHAPE Of LOVE Concept Photo | @official_monsta_x/Instagram

MONBEBE around the world are loving the six-member group’s new songs and sophisticated style.

However, a few sharp-eyed MONBEBE have noticed a variety of references to leader Shownu, who is currently serving in the South Korean military until 2023, and thus won’t be performing in the comeback.

MONSTA X’s Shownu in South Korean Military | Korea Army Training Center

On his Instagram story, I.M uploaded a picture of the “LOVE” music video thumbnail, placing a heart emoji above each member’s head. One MONBEBE notices that in the far left of the photo, there is an additional heart above an empty space, symbolizing Shownu’s presence.

At the end of the “LOVE” music video, as the title card appears on-screen, another MONBEBE notices six mic stands positioned across the stage rather than five, with one for each of the six members.

Among those who purchased physical copies of the new album, another MONBEBE finds images of Shownu in a collage page.

One photo has the group posing at a cafe table, including Shownu sitting second from the right.

To add a finishing touch to these small yet thoughtful references throughout the comeback, during the MONSTA X Mini Album SHAPE Of LOVE Comeback Show also held on April 26thJoohoney and Minhyuk reassure fans that Shownu is “doing well”, and that the members “get in touch with him often”.

If you’re missing Shownu as much as we are, you can see him in the upcoming horror anthology series, Seoul Goedam, premiering on April 27th, which was filmed before his enlistment in July 2021.

Source: 영화×음악, Twitter @bigmonstas, STARSHIP Entertainment Official YouTube Channel and MONSTA X I.M Instagram