MONSTA X’s Shownu Kept A Shirt Gifted By A Fan, And He Still Wears It

He cherishes his gifts!

Sometimes we want to express our love for someone through gifts, but what does one get a man who seems to have everything already… Well, what better gift is there to give than one that is not only practical but is ensured he will love?

A MONBEBE, 셔누방 (@shownubang on Twitter), had gifted a white GAP T-shirt to MONSTA X‘s Shownu. We all know the man loves a good plain white T-shirt. It’s his go-to attire for any time.

| Twitter

In a recent group photo posted by MONSTA X, 셔누방 noticed something that looked familiar. Shownu had visited Inkigayo to support MONSTA X’s comeback with “GAMBLER” despite being on a temporary hiatus due to a relapse in an eye injury.

MONSTA X at Inkigayo | @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

In the group photo, Shownu is seen smiling while wearing a backward baseball cap and a white GAP T-shirt that looks identical to the one his fan sent!

Shownu has frequently been spotted wearing items gifted by fans. So, if you happen to send something to him, know that it’s going to a good place and won’t be disregarded!

Source: Twitter and Image


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