MONSTA X’s Shownu Says He Keeps His Skin Perfect With Just One Product

He must have great genetics!

Considering how K-Beauty has taken over the cosmetics world, it’s no surprise that most K-Pop idols have intensive skincare routines. And, looking at how radiant MONSTA X‘s Shownu is, you may think he’s one of them. However, in a new interview, the shining star revealed he uses just one product to keep his skin so perfect.

In a new YouTube video, Shownu sat down with 1stLook to talk health, wellness, and cosmetics. The first thing 1stLook wanted to know? What does Shownu do to keep his skin looking great?

While many idols use dozens of products to keep their skin looking perfect, Shownu says he’s more of the “simple routine” type. In fact, most of the time, he uses just one skincare product: toner.

| 1stLook/YouTube

Toner is a solution that refreshes the skin and helps bind moisturizers to it, shrinking pores and restoring natural pH balance. For many people, toner is the second step in a long routine. For Shownu, however, it’s generally the only step he uses day and night.

The only exception is during dry weather periods. When it’s dry out, Shownu makes sure to add a moisturizing lotion to keep his skin hydrated. Still, even with an added second step, it’s amazing his skin looks this good with so little effort.

Of course, Shownu does look after himself well, which helps to make his skin more radiant. The day before any photoshoot, he revealed he does drink alcohol and makes sure to go to sleep early so his skin “will become better“.

| 1stLook

Unsurprisingly, this toner addict confessed he regularly runs out of his essential product. Calling all toner brands—we’ve found you the perfect model!