MONSTA X’s Shownu Opens Up About Their Upcoming Mandatory Military Enlistment

He’ll have to enlist this year or next.

MONSTA X held a showcase for their highly anticipated comeback, “FANTASIA X”. During the interview, Shownu opened up about their upcoming mandatory military enlistment.

Considering that Shownu is the oldest member and born in 1992, he’s expected to begin his military duties within the year or next. When asked about his plans, Shownu announced that he plans to fulfill his duties but nothing has been confirmed yet.

The specific enlistment date period hasn’t been announced yet. Since there isn’t anything set yet, I want to fulfill all that I can with MONSTA X right now and everything that I’m responsible for.

— Shownu

He emphasized the importance of fans in his most immediate plans. MONSTA X will be focusing solely on giving back to their fans with their music and performances until the day they’re called for duty.

All of the members, including me, have grown MONSTA X to where we are now step by step. We want to give back to our fans through good performances and music.

— Shownu

MONSTA X’s new album, “FANTASIA X”, will drop today at 6pm KST!

Source: Newsen