MONSTA X Spills A Few Details About A 2020 World Tour

They’re very excited about it.

MONSTA X have been through a lot the past few months. Even with all the changes they’ve experienced, they’ve continued to push forward, taking on iHeartRadio‘s Jingle Ball and Jingle Bash.

During an interview for the latter, the interviewer asked, “What excites you the most about MONSTA X for the next year? For 2020?” As soon as I.M translated the question, they couldn’t hold back their excitement.

They all said, “World tour.” Since their next album All About Luv hasn’t yet been released, and there have been no announcements about a world tour whatsoever, they couldn’t share too much. I.M did give just a few details, though.

They intend to make their next world tour bigger compared to their past three and will be adding more stops than usual for the United States leg.

We’re [planning it] very huge and very long, especially for the States.

Now that Monbebes know, they’ll be ready to empty their wallets when the time comes. Listen to MONSTA X’s enthusiastic response to the question here.