MONSTA X Is A Very Tight-Knit Group—Here’s Why, According To Kihyun

He spilled the secret to their close bond!

In 2022, MONSTA X will be celebrating 7 years together as a group, and over the years, have shown off their close bond with one another through interactions, stages, and more!

MONSTA X | @official_monsta_x/Instagram

Through all their years together as close friends, many fans and netizens have wondered how they managed to strike such a close bond among them, and main vocalist Kihyun shed some light on what he thinks is the glue that holds them together!


Speaking to Rolling Stone UK, who followed them around on their recent promo in the U.S. for their latest album The Dreaming, MONSTA X talked about their fans, promotions, and more!


One of the topics they also touched upon was their close bond, and Kihyun shared that he thinks it’s because each member grew up with brothers, that they’re able to be such a tight-knit group!

It helps that we only had brothers, not female siblings, so we can be direct.


He also commented on how glad he is that they were able to forge a bond like this, because otherwise, it would reflect in their stages and performances together negatively.

If you’re not close, it’s obvious with a group when they’re performing on stage.


And their harmony as a group is amazing!

And you can watch the MV for their latest song “You Problem” here!

Source: RollingStone UK