MONSTA X Has Returned With New Moves In A TikTok Challenge Rematch

I.M twerking and Joohoney hitting the quan. 🕺Need we say more?

MONSTA X has returned for a rematch of Cosmopolitan‘s “TikTok Challenge Challenge!” Although they all did a great job last time, this is the next level! They don’t call it a “challenge challenge” for nothing after all.

First up to the plate was Kihyun! He was a bit delayed while following along but his dancing was as bold and expressive as ever.

Hyungwon was given a more unique challenge. While he is used to incorporating his whole body in dance, this choreography required the lower half of his body to remain still while he focused more on hand movements.

Minhyuk absolutely killed it last year so everyone had high expectations for him this time around. While he said that this year’s TikTok challenge was hard, we think he still made the dance look easy!

If the winner was based on who had the most fun it would definitely be given to Joohoney! Just based on the practice round alone, he was rocking it. He was even singing along to “Hit the Quan” while doing the dance.

I.M appeared to be taking it very seriously and studying the dance in the practice round. When it came time to do the challenge, he felt confident… only to end up freestyling halfway through. 😳 Who knew I.M could twerk?

Shownu had an advantage over everyone since he had been watching the most TikTok recently. He also has the reputation of being MONSTA X’s best dancer. His TikTok choreography was surprisingly easy too (at least for him) so it’s no surprise he did well.

The other members enjoyed Shownu’s challenge so much so that Joohoney and Kihyun decided to try it themselves! Everyone wants to dance to Beyoncé “7/11,” what can I say?

While some did better than others and some embarrassed themselves (I’m looking at you, I.M), everyone still had fun. All that being said, it was still a challenge.

We know MONSTA X are all great dancers, but there was an unanimous winner in the end. Watch the full video below to find out who won!

Source: Cosmopolitan