MONSTA X Rumored To Share Their Powerful Dance Moves With Trainees On Produce X 101

Their first time teaching hoobaes.

Produce X 101 is the fourth season of Mnet’s survival show series. Although it has yet to air, fans are already finding out the details of what will be airing, including the guest appearance of MONSTA X.

Fans haven’t just noticed the song choices of the Starship Entertainment trainees, they’ve also noticed that MONSTA X’s songs “Trespass” and “Dramarama” have been included for the first group evaluation.

Fans have even come to the conclusion that MONSTA X will appear in person to teach the choreography of the two songs. They’ve even gone so far as to speculate on the specific members who might appear if the whole group wasn’t able to, such as Shownu and Joohoney (formerly Jooheon).

If this turns out to be true, it will be MONSTA X’s first time acting as sunbaes. Will you be tuning in to watch the performances or just for MONSTA X’s appearance? There’s no shame in either.


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