MONSTA X Shows Support For Gay Fan Whose Parents Won’t Accept Him

They showed support and offered up encouragement to the fan:

MONSTA X recently offered support and encouragement for a gay fan whose parent’s wouldn’t accept him.


In a recent livestream, Wonho and Joohoney were talking with fans and answering questions. While reading through the comments, Wonho suddenly took notice of one particular question and read it out loud.

One of the comments says, ‘My parents don’t support me because I am a homosexual. What should I do about it?’

— Wonho


After reading through the question, they both took a moment to seriously think about the situation before Wonho spoke up encouraging the fan to talk to his parents.

Well, I think in this case, I can only say that you need to face it head-on. It would be great if your parents supported you right away, but if your parents do not support you then you must face it and overcome it.

— Wonho


While Wonho encouraged the fan to face the problem with his parents head-on, he also offered words of support.

I can’t say what your parents might say, but until you can get them to understand… Actually, in truth, there’s nothing to ‘understand’ about it. All people are different, however, so I think you need to face it until they come to understand you.

— Wonho


Joohoney also had some words of support for the Monbebe, telling him that no matter what, what he feels is right is right.

Just believe what you feel is right is the right thing, whatever the situation is.

— Joohoney


And finally, they showed even more love to the fan with a, “Good luck! Fighting!“, message.


This isn’t the first time that MONSTA X has shown support for members of the LGBTQ+ community. Their music video, “All In”, has been praised multiple times for being pro-LGBTQ and they were spotted with a pride flag at one of their recent concerts. With this latest show of support, Monbebes couldn’t be prouder of them.