MONSTA X’s Jooheon and MADTOWN’s Buffy join “Show Me The Money 4” as contestants

Two more contestants for Mnet‘s upcoming season of Show Me The Money 4 have been revealed, further raising anticipation prior to its airing.

MONSTA X member Jooheon as well as MADTOWN‘s Buffy will be joining the upcoming cast of Show Me The Money 4, where they will further show off their rapping skills to viewers and judges.

Jooheon is a member of an upcoming hip-hop group MONSTA X, who will be debuting under Starship Entertainment sometimes soon. He won a placing in the group through the intense survival show NO.MERCY that aired under Mnet.

Buffy is currently a member under the rookie group MADTOWN who are housed under J.Tune Camp. Even before debuting in MADTOWN, Buffy was previously in a hip-hop group with fellow member Moos under the name Pro C in 2013.

With the announcements of even more idol rappers joining the competition this season, avid viewers of the rap show have shown their concern over the excess of idols. However, broadcasters are assuring viewers that idol rappers that have been chosen to participate are superior in their skills.

In addition to Jooheon and Buffy, they will be joining WINNER‘s Song Mino, ZPZG, PHANTOM‘s Hanhae, CL‘s rap mentor P-Type, underground rapper Microdot, Seo Chul Goo, Andup, Black Nut, Basick, and InnoVator. 

Source: Daily Sports and X Sports News